Swap tokens with PantoSwap

With PantoSwap, users can swap between many cryptocurrencies. Being powered by Changelly, PantoSwap supports 140+ cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, BCH, and many more. Check the full list of supported cryptocurrencies here.

How to PantoSwap on desktop?

– Access PantoSwap: https://change.pantograph.io/

– Input the amount of input token, select the output token to see the amount you will receive. Click ‘Exchange now‘.


– Paste the Recipient Address. Make sure that you paste the correct address for the output token. Click ‘Next‘ when everything is ready.

paste address

– Check the details of your transaction one last time. Click ‘Make payment‘.


– Now you need to send the exact amount of input token to the address shown on the screen. Make sure to make the deposit within 36 hours otherwise the transaction will be canceled automatically.


– After your deposit, the swap will be initiated and your output token will arrive in the Recipient Address.

How to PantoSwap on Pantograph App?

– From the Home screen, tap on the TomoChain card. Select Changelly to access PantoSwap.

home.1 tomochain changelly

– Starting from here, you can follow the same process when PantoSwap on the desktop mentioned above.


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