How to display token on HB Wallet?

Instead of a default image card, you can display your ERC-20 token with your own designed one.
To register your token a card image, follow the steps below:
1. Download HB Wallet desktop, launch the app. From the Home screen, click ‘Settings'
2. Click ‘Register Token Card
3. Fill in all of the required fields. Make sure to mention your email address so that we can contact you.
4. We collect 500 USD for the token card registration fee. You can pay this fee in either ETH or HBWALLET. If you choose to pay in HBWALLET, a 50% discount will be applied. Details can be found below.
5. When everything is done, click ‘Register‘ to finish up

Swap tokens with HB Wallet

Swap Token enables you to liquefy a token to Ethers, or StablesCoins securely and immediately.

Why swap?

  • A swap session would require fewer Gas fees than most trading activities.
  • Swap on HB Wallet is powered by the Kyber Network Team.

How to swap?

– On the Home screen, tap on any card. Select ‘Kyber Network‘ to enter Swap.
With ETH card, the default Swap would be ETH <> DAI. In order to swap ETH to another coin, select ‘Swap to another coin‘ to access the list of supported coins.
Input the amount of ETH that you would like to swap. Adjust the gas fee if you have to, then tap on ‘Swap‘ to initiate the Swap.

Cannot send assets on Ethereum

I would like to send assets but there’s an error that appears on my screen. What should I do?
This error happens when:
  1. 1.
    You do not have enough ETH for gas fee to perform the transaction; or
  2. 2.
    A transaction is still pending, so you cannot perform a new one.
Here’s the solution
  • In scenario 1:
The gas fee in the Ethereum network can accidentally surge, which results in the error. Obviously, you need to deposit more ETH to your account so that it can reach the standard gas fee, and the transaction can be executed.
On HB Wallet mobile, you cannot adjust the gas fee. However, on HB Wallet desktop, it can be done as follow:
  • In scenario 2:
The surge of gas fee in the Ethereum network can also result in pending status for your transaction. The best way to solve this issue is to cancel the pending transaction.
First of all, you should check the Nonce of the transaction via Etherscan.
After that, initiating a transaction that sends 0 ETH to your own account. Please be noticed that before submitting, you need some setups for this new transaction. You should set the gas fee higher than the pending one, and replace the Nonce with the old Nonce.
Confirm the new transaction.
The new transaction will be verified first by the miner, and it will replace the pending one.

Add tokens with HB Wallet

Usually, you can check the balance right on your HB Wallet home screen. If you cannot find your tokens in HB Wallet, you can manually add tokens following the instructions below.
1. On the home screen, tap the 3-dot icon to enter the Menu
2. Tap on ‘Search Token’, then tap on the ‘+’
3. Copy and paste the Contract Address, then select an image for your token (if any), then tap on ‘Save’

Send/Receive with HB Wallet

HB Wallet allows you to send and receive assets such as Ether and ERC-20 tokens in the most convenient way.
  • Send assets
To send assets with HB Wallet, in the Home Screen, swipe up to access the full list of ETH/ERC-20 Tokens. Tap on the card which you would like to send.
1. Select the asset’s card. Choose ‘Send‘ at the bottom of the screen.
2. Enter the destination and the transmission amount. Tap ‘Send‘ to initiate the transaction.
Note: Please make sure you have enough ETH to pay for the gas fee.
  • Receive assets
In order to receive assets, you should have the sender scan your QR Code, or you can copy your address then tell your sender.
To get your QR Code, after selecting the assets you would like to receive, choose ‘Receive‘.

Check balance with HB Wallet

HB Wallet support Ether and ERC-20 tokens. Hence, you can always check your Ethereum balance with HB Wallet. If you have ETH and any ERC-20 tokens in your wallet, HB Wallet will show them all right on your home screen.
Swipe up to access the full list of ERC-20 tokens. Tap on one card to check the balance of that token.

How to Restore/Import an account to HB Wallet?

How to Restore an account?

From the main screen, choose "Restore account"
Input your passphrase which consists of 12 random words
If your passphrase is incorrect, you will receive this error:
If your passphrase is correct, you will receive this message. Then "Agree" with our Terms of Service" and "Policy"
Now you have successfully restored your account

How to import your account?

From your home screen, press three horizontal strikes to access "Menu"
Choose "Import & Sweep"
Input your private key
Now you have successfully imported your account