Create wallet on Pantograph DEX

To fully experience Pantograph DEX, you will need to unlock a TomoChain wallet.

In case you do not have a TomoChain wallet, you can create a new one in some simple steps as follow:

On the Unlock page, click on Create new wallet, then click I understand.

A combination of 12 words called Seed Phrase will show up. Make sure to write it down or copy it for the next step.

At this step, you can also show the Private Key of your account by clicking Show my private key. Make sure to save this Private Key somewhere secret and safe.

Click I written it down to move to the next step.

Confirm the Phrase by tapping each word in the correct order. You can also get back to the previous step to check it again. Click Confirm when it’s done.

You are now in!

Now you have your Seed Phrase and Private Key, you can restore that account via Pantograph Extension (with Seed Phrase, with Private Key), or use them to unlock right in Pantograph DEX (not recommended).

From the Unlock page, click Others, then select either Private Key or Mnemonic Phrase.

Input Private Key or Seed Phrase, then click Unlock Wallet.

How to Import Account with Pantograph Extension?

There are 2 ways to import an account with Pantograph Extension: Using Seed Phrase and using Private Key.

To import an account using Seed Phrase, see here.

To import an account using Private Key, follow these steps:

Click on the logo on the top-right corner of the Pantograph Extension, select Import Account.

Paste your Private Key, then click Import to finish up.

Incorrect Balance on Pantograph Extension

Looks like the Pantograph Extension is displaying my balance incorrectly. What should I do?

First of all, you might want to check your balance again at TomoScan: https://scan.tomochain.com. TomoScan is the blockchain explorer of TomoChain and will show the correct balance as well as the detail of every transaction.

If the Pantograph Extension is displaying the incorrect or inaccurate balance for TOMO or other TRC-21 tokens, try these steps one by one until your balance is displayed correctly:

1) Close down your browser where you have the Pantograph Extension installed then open it again.

2) Switch the network to Testnet, then switch back to Mainnet.

3) Execute the Account Reset process.

4) Install Pantograph Extension using another supported browser (Firefox, Chrome, Brave) from our official website (https://pantograph.io/), then restore your account using the 12-word Seed Phrase.

How to Switch Network on Pantograph Extension?

You can switch between Mainnet and Testnet of TomoChain on Pantograph Extension by following these simple steps:

Click on the top side of Pantograph Extension to access the drop-down menu. Select ‘Test TomoChain Network‘ to switch your account to the Testnet of TomoChain. Select ‘Main TomoChain Network‘ to switch back to the TomoChain Mainnet at any time.

How to Reset Account on Pantograph Extension?


To reset account on Pantograph Extension:

– Click the icon on the top-right corner of Pantograph Extension. Select ‘Settings‘.

Select ‘Advanced‘, then scroll down to find Reset Account. Click ‘Reset Account

Click ‘Reset‘ to finish up.

How to Reset Password on Pantograph Extension?

When resetting your password for your Pantograph wallet, you will need your 12-word seed phrase. If you do not already have your seed phrase saved someplace safe, please make sure to read How to Reveal Seed Phrase.

Before trying these steps, confirm that you have your Seed Phrase with you, as you will not be able to reset your password otherwise and will risk being locked out of your wallet.

If your wallet is currently unlocked, please log out. Click on the top-right corner icon, then click ‘Log out‘.

At the login view, click Restore account / Import using account seed phrase.

Enter your 12-word Seed Phrase in the Wallet Seed. Make sure that they are added in order, with a single space, in all lower cases.

Enter the new password, then confirm the new password. Click ‘Restore‘ to finish up.

How to reveal Seed Phrase on Pantograph Extension?

Warning: DO NOT share this Seed Phrase with anyone! These words can be used to steal all your accounts. You can’t edit/change your Seed Phrase.

If for some reason you forgot to record your 12-word Seed Phrase or you lost the original copy, as long as your account is still unlocked on Pantograph Extension, you can reveal your Seed Phrase so you can back it up again.

From the Menu, click ‘Settings‘, then go to ‘Security & Privacy‘. Click on ‘Reveal Seed Phrase‘.

Enter the password, click ‘Next‘ to reveal your Seed Phrase.

The 12 words below are your Seed Phrase. Now you can either copy this Seed Phrase to the clipboard or save it as CSV File. Make sure to keep it somewhere secure.

How to Export a Private Key on Pantograph Extension?

Warning: Exporting your account could be risky as it displays your private key in cleartext. Therefore, you should make sure no one else sees, or otherwise is able to capture a screenshot while you retrieve your private key, to avoid possible loss of your TOMO/tokens. Many phishing campaigns would ask for your private key, which would help them gain access to your accounts. You should never share your private key with anyone, including the Pantograph team. We will not ask for your private key when we manage or troubleshoot your issues.

O the Pantograph Extension, select the account you would like to export by clicking on the top-right icon.

On that account page, click on the Menu (3-dot icon), then select ‘Account Details‘.

Click ‘Export Private Key‘, input password, then click ‘Confirm‘ to export your Private Key. Click on the Private Key to copy. Make sure you keep this somewhere secured.

Click ‘Done‘ to close the screen.

How to View and Add Tokens in Pantograph Extension?

View Token

Normally, Pantograph Extension displays TOMO and TRC-21 you own on your account page.

To see your tokens, click on Menu. Your tokens should be listed under this Menu.

Hide token

On the token list, click on the 3-dot icon next to the token that you would like to hide. Click ‘Hide Token‘, then confirm by clicking ‘Hide‘.

Add token

If your desired tokens are not listed automatically, you may add them manually. On the Menu, scroll down and click on ‘Add Token‘. This process brings you to a search bar, where you can find popular tokens easily.

In the Search bar, type the name of the token. Select your token, click ‘Next‘, then click ‘Add Tokens‘.

If the token you search for is not among the most popular tokens, the search bar may not return the token you queried. In this case, you can manually add a custom token.

From the Add Tokens page, move to the Custom Token tab. Paste the contract address of your token in the ‘Token Contract Address‘ field. In most cases, the Token Symbol and Decimals of Precision will autofill. Click ‘Next‘, then click ‘Add Tokens‘ to finish up.

What is Panto Auction?

Panto Auction is a Dutch Auction.

In Dutch Auction, the price of assets will decrease by 5% per hour. It will come to zero in 20 hours since the opening of the auction.

Hence, in Panto Auction, after being listed on auction, your Pantogram’s price will start at where you set and will come to zero in 20 hours.

During Panto Auction:

  • If you purchase your Pantogram, you will receive a 70% discount.

  • If another user purchases your Pantogram, you will receive 70% of the sale price.

If no one buys your Pantogram from this auction, the Pantogram will be distributed for free on Panto Market. When it comes to this period, you cannot retrieve your Pantogram to your account nor buy it from Panto Market.

Swap tokens with PantoSwap

With PantoSwap, users can swap between many cryptocurrencies. Being powered by Changelly, PantoSwap supports 140+ cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, BCH, and many more. Check the full list of supported cryptocurrencies here.

How to PantoSwap on desktop?

  • Input the amount of input token, select the output token to see the amount you will receive. Click ‘Exchange now‘.

- Paste the Recipient Address. Make sure that you paste the correct address for the output token. Click ‘Next‘ when everything is ready.

Check the details of your transaction one last time. Click ‘Make payment‘.

Now you need to send the exact amount of input token to the address shown on the screen. Make sure to make the deposit within 36 hours otherwise the transaction will be canceled automatically.

After your deposit, the swap will be initiated and your output token will arrive in the Recipient Address.

How to PantoSwap on Pantograph App?

From the Home screen, tap on the TomoChain card. Select Changelly to access PantoSwap.

Starting from here, you can follow the same process when PantoSwap on the desktop mentioned above.

How to display tokens on Pantograph?

The registered tokens will show up on the Home screen with the designed image cards (yellow box).

While the unregistered tokens will show up with the default image cards (red box).

To register tokens to Pantograph, you can follow these steps:

– Access the Register Token: https://pantograph.app/register-token

Fill in the information of the tokens.

Fill in the Creator Information. Make sure to mention your email address and Twitter account.

Click ‘Next‘ when everything is done.

Please be noticed that an issuance fee of 30 USD in PantoPoint will be charged. Want to buy PantoPoint? Read here.

Manage Private Room on Pantograph App

Why Private Room?

Obviously, Private Room is fully private, with no administration nor content filter. You can require viewers to hold a sufficient amount of tokens to join the room and to access your content. It means you can launch your own TRC-21 token and offer it to your followers.

How to access Private Room?

Click on Profile of any user within the ‘Chat‘ screen to access his/her Private Room.

How to set up your Private Room?

Tap on the top right corner in your Private Room, choose Room Settings.

Now you have 02 options:

  1. Let your Room be visible to everyone: Select ‘Anyone‘ then tap ‘Register

  2. Allow only people who own a specific amount of coins to be able to view your Room: Select ‘Token owners only‘, select the token, input the desired amount then tap ‘Register

Receive Link is the feature that enables users to send Blockchain Assets without knowing the receiver’s address. Let’s find out how to create Receive Link with Pantograph.

  1. From the Home screen, choose a token

  2. On the Token screen, click on the ‘Send‘ button

  3. At the Send screen, choose ‘Receive link

  4. Set an amount of token

  5. Set up a password (if applicable), then slide to create

  6. Go to ‘Manage receive links‘ from the Menu

  7. You can copy your links and send them to the receiver

  1. From the Home screen, tap on ‘Collections

  2. On the Collection screen, choose any NFT that you want to send

  3. Within the NFT screen, tap on ‘Send‘ button

  4. Choose the ‘Receive link‘ option

  5. Choose an NFT ID then click ‘Next

  6. Set a password for the link (if applicable), then swipe the slider to create

  7. Go to ‘Manage Receive Links‘ from the Menu

  8. Copy your link and give it to the receiver

Why I cannot put my Panto NFT on sale?

I created Panto NFT successfully but I cannot put my NFT on sale. What happened?

To ensure the reputation of Panto Market and protect buyers, only registered NFTs can be traded.

Therefore, you need to register your NFT information to Pantograph before putting them on sale. Since the registration is accepted, you can issue an unlimited number of NFTs in that same category that you have registered. No extra fee will be charged.

How to register NFT information?

  1. Input the information. Make sure to fill in all of the required fields.

  2. Input Creator Information. An email address will help us contact you while your Twitter account is needed for promoting your NFTs on our SNS.

  3. NFT Infomation registration will cost you 500 USD in PantoPoint. Please make sure that you have enough PantoPoint in your account when performing this submission.

  4. Click ‘Next‘ when everything is done.

Need PantoPoint to submit NFT Information? Read here.

How to create Panto NFT?

You can create Panto NFT easily on Pantograph App or on the desktop with Pantograph extension.

Create Panto NFT on Mobile

  1. Go to Pantograph Mobile iOS or Android

  2. Go to ‘More

  3. Scroll down, choose ‘Create Panto NFT

  4. Scroll down, tap on ‘Experience it

  5. Choose an amount, fill in the form, add in images, attributes

  6. Click ‘Next

  7. Pay 0.1 PantoPoint for each issued NFT

  8. Your NFT will be sent to your account, on your ‘Collection‘ screen

Create Panto NFT on Desktop

  1. Go to pantograph.app/create-panto-nft

  2. Scroll down, tap on ‘Experience it

  3. Choose an amount, fill in the form, add in images, attributes

  4. Click ‘Next

  5. Pay 0.1 PantoPoint for each issued NFT

  6. Your NFT will be sent to your account, click on your Profile to find your own NFT.

Need PantoPoint to create your own NFT? Read here.

How to submit a listing request to Pantograph DEX?

You can submit a listing request for your tokens to Pantograph DEX.

Currently, we list TRC-21 only. Please follow these steps to submit your listing request:

– Access Pantograph DEX: https://dex.pantograph.app/

– Access PDX tab. Click ‘Request token listing

– Fill in all the required fields. Usually, when you fill in the Contract address, the next 3 fields will be filled automatically. Don’t forget to provide your email so that we can keep you updated.

Click ‘Request‘ when everything is ready.

What “limit trading” and “market trading”?

When trading with Pantograph DEX, you might wonder what is the difference between “Limit” and “Market” trading. We are here to help.

Limit Trading

Limit trading is when traders place buy or sell orders at a specified price, either higher or lower than market price. For buy limit orders, the orders will be executed only at the “limit” price or at a lower one, while for sell limit orders, the orders will be executed only at the “limit” price or at a higher one.

Limit Order requires Price and Amount field to be filled before Submitting.

Your placed Limit Order will show on the Order Book with a small yellow triangle.

Market Trading

When choosing Market, traders will be able to buy or sell immediately. This type of trading guarantees that the order will be executed, but does not guarantee the execution price. A market order generally will execute at or near the current bid (for a sell order) or ask (for a buy order) price. However, it is important to remember that the last traded price is not necessarily the price at which a market order will be executed.

You needn’t fill the Price field when placing a Market Order.

What is the minimum/maximum trade order size on Pantograph DEX?

Since there is a fee when trading on Pantograph DEX, a limit is applied when making an order.

  • Minimum order size must be greater than 1 TOMO in pairs corresponding to USDT.

  • No Maximum order size.

For example:

I make an order buying BTC with the value = 1 in USDT. According to the rate at the writing time, 1 USDT = 0.79 TOMO, which means I didn’t reach the minimum order size.

I proceed with the order anyway to see what comes next. Here’s how it happens:

What is the fee on Pantograph DEX?

Trading fee on Pantograph DEX

When an order is executed, 0.15% of the order value in USDT will be charged as a trading fee.

For example:

– Scenario 1: A creates a Buy order on Pantograph DEX, B takes that order on Pantograph DEX. Both A and B will be charged 0.15% of the order value in USDT by Pantograph DEX.

– Scenario 2: A creates a Buy order on Pantograph DEX, B takes that order from another DEX. Only A will be charged 0.15% of the order value in USDT by Pantograph DEX, while B may be charged by another DEX.

Cancellation fee on Pantograph DEX

When an order is canceled, 0.01% of the order value will be charged as a cancellation fee.

This cancellation fee will be charged at the time that the trader cancels his/her order.

* Update (Jan 22, 2021):

With the Zorro Release from TomoChain, the Cancellation Fee has been updated.

The Zorro Release will adjust the cancellation to a fixed 0.001 TOMO for all TOMO pairs and to 0 for all non-TOMO trading pairs irrespective of the value placed on the order book.

It means on Pantograph DEX, the cancellation fee would be 0.01 TOMO for the TOMO-USDT pair (in USDT), while it costs 0 to cancel with the other pairs.

Lending fee on Pantograph DEX

If a user wants to borrow 1,000 USDT, he will be charged a service fee of 0.5% * 1,000 = 5 USDT.

How to create account on Pantograph DEX?

Trading on Pantograph DEX does not require any username or password. You will need only a Private Key / Mnemonic Phrase (Seed Phrase) to sign in, or by using Pantograph Extension on the web browser.

In case you don’t have any TomoChain wallet before, you can easily create a new one right on the Unlock page of Pantograph DEX here or with Pantograph App here.

Since Pantograph DEX is fully decentralized, no KYC is needed when trading. Traders will have complete control of their funds. They are also fully responsible for maintaining the security of their Private Key and any mnemonic phrase associated with their wallets.

Create account with Pantograph

To have a fulfilling experience with blockchain, an account would be required.

With Pantograph App, you can easily create a wallet address on TomoChain. Follow the steps below:

– Launch the Pantograph App, select Language then Accept the Terms of Service.

To create a new account, tap on ‘Create new account’. If you would like to restore an existed account, read here.

Successfully created! Now it’s time to secure your account. Go to Menu, select ‘Address Key’ to see details of your account, including your address and the Private Key.

Tap on the address to copy it, and tap the icon to copy the Private Key. You may want to save your Private Key in some secured place.

Tokens not displayed on Pantograph?

I sent my ERC-20 tokens to a TomoChain address successfully but I cannot see my tokens on either Pantograph extension or Pantograph App. Is there something wrong?

Although Ethereum address and TomoChain address have the same structure, they are actually 02 different blockchains.

ERC-20 tokens are tokens on Ethereum meanwhile TRC-21 tokens are on TomoChain.

Pantograph extension and Pantograph App supports TomoChain (TOMO) and TRC-21 tokens only. That’s why you cannot check your ERC-20 tokens on Pantograph.

Nevertheless, your tokens are still safe in the receiver address. You can check the balance via Etherscan.

How to Pantogram?

Pantogram allows you to preserve your Instagram post on blockchain eternally. Every time someone trades your Pantogram card, you will earn 50% of the profit. In fact, this term is applicable permanently as a copyright fee.

Sounds interesting? Let’s Pantogram!

1. Access Pantogram

Access Pantogram here, sign in by using Pantograph Extension, scroll down to the end of the page, then click ‘Create Now’

At first, you will need to authorize Pantogram to verify you on Instagram. It means you need to sign in to your Instagram account on Pantograph. This step only happens once for the first time. Eventually, you only need to paste the link of your desired image on Instagram to Pantogram. then click ‘Next’.

3. Customize your Pantogram

You will be able to customize your card with various cool frames. After that, you can set the number of copies for your card.

As an option, you also can add audio, or a video file to your creation to enhance its value.

Once you’re done with all the options, just simply click on ‘Create‘.

4. Introduce your Pantogram to the world

Once your card is created, it will automatically jump to Panto Auction. If the card is captured, you will be paid immediately.

In case the card is not captured, it will go to Panto Market and stay there for FREE. Unfortunately, you cannot retrieve it back to your account.

When someone takes your card on Panto Market and resells it, you will earn 50% of the profit in every trade session permanently. The commission will go straight to your address on TomoChain, which is the address of the card creator.

How to use Pantograph WordPress Plugin?

Pantograph WordPress Plugin enables the content creator to get more paid views, and monetize high-quality content from time to time. The plugin is FREE and accessible for any WordPress website.

For the content creator, to use Pantograph WordPress Plugin, please follow these steps:

1.Download and install

Download the Pantograph WordPress Plugin, then install to the Plugin section of your WordPress website (upload the Zip file)

2. Set condition

Once installed, you can access the plugin on the left sidebar of your admin console.

Inside the plugin, we will have 03 main types of conditions:

  • The 1st option: Sign in with Pantograph only, no token is needed.


This option means the viewers only need to sign in by using Pantograph Extension to access the content.

  • The 2nd option (Group 1 or Group 2): Viewer needs to hold a sufficient amount of token A, or token B to access the content.




In this case, the viewer needs to hold a sufficient amount of token A (Group 1), or token B (Group 2) to access the content. You will need to set a few things as below.

  • Contract address of token A (or token B), which is your desired token (TRC-21 Token, or NFT)

  • Amount of token A that required

We separate Group 1 & Group 2 so that you can determine the level of accessibility for your viewer. Please choose your shortcode either from Group 1 or Group 2 to use on your Page or Post. You can always find the contract address of your token on TomoScan.

  • The 3rd option (both Group 1 & Group 2): Viewer needs to hold a sufficient amount of both token A (Group 1) and token B (Group 2) to access the content.


For the last option, the viewer needs to hold an amount of token A (in Group 1), and an amount of token B (in Group 2) to access the content. Obviously, you will need to set a condition for both Group 1 & Group 2 as below.

  • Contract address of token A in Group 1 (TRC-21 Token, or NFT)

  • Amount of token A that required

  • Contract address of token B in Group 2 (TRC-21 Token, or NFT)

  • Amount of token B that required

Definitely, the viewer needs to have a sufficient amount of both required tokens to access the content.

Click ‘Update’ to finish up once the condition is set.

3.Copy your button.

Once the condition is set, you only need to copy the Shortcode of Panto button then paste on your Page, or Post.

As mentioned previously, we have 03 options for the button:

  • Sign in with Pantograph only, no token is needed.

  • The viewer needs to hold a sufficient amount of token A, or token B to access the content.

  • The viewer needs to hold a sufficient amount of both token A (Group 1) and token B (Group 2) to access the content.

[sign_panto_button][sign_content][validate_pantograph_group_1_and_group_2]* Note: Please only choose 01 Shortcode to use for a Post or Page.

5. Paste your button and note.

Paste the button on the content section

Sign content condition: This is the spot of eligible access. If the viewer meets your requirements, after signing in, the content on this section will show up.

ign content default: This section is for ineligible access. Indeed, you can put on a note to instruct your viewer to top up, in order to access your content.

How to purchase PantoGift?

PantoGift exists in the NFT (Non-fungible token) format on TomoChain. Specifically, it can be sent directly as a gift card to anyone. The receiver can just unpack to get the contained PantoPoint.

  • To purchase PantoGift on Pantograph Mobile, follow these steps:

  1. Click on ‘More’, choose ‘Market’

  2. Choose ‘Charge Panto Point’

  3. Select a package that you want

  4. Tap on ‘Sign in’

  5. Tap ‘View your cart’

  6. Select on ‘Checkout’.

  • To purchase PantoGift on the desktop, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in by using Pantograph Extension

  2. On the store page, choose a package that you want

  3. Tap on ‘View your cart’

  4. Tap on ‘Checkout’

Learn how to unpack PantoGift to receive PantoPoint here.

Where is my PantoPoint?

I purchased PantoPoint from the store, but I cannot find my PantoPoint. Did I lose my money?

When purchasing from our store, you actually bought PantoGift. You need to unpack PantoGift to receive PantoPoint.

Follow these steps to unpack PantoGift:

  1. On Pantograph Mobile, go to the ‘Collections’ screen

  2. Choose your purchased gift

  3. Choose ‘Convert to Panto Point’

  4. Slide to convert

  5. The equivalent amount of Panto Point will appear on your ‘Home’ screen

Buy crypto with Pantograph

Pantograph offers an easy way to buy crypto with your Credit/Debit cards that supported by Visa or Master Card. With Pantograph, you can buy ETH, BTC, TRX, etc. Let’s find out how it works.

1. On the home screen, select the TomoChain card, then select ‘Buy crypto’.

2. You will be redirected to our Payment Service powered by Simplex. On this page, select the crypto you would like to buy, input the amount and paste the receiver address. Tap ‘Buy’ when everything is done.

3. At this step, you may need to input some below information. Tap ‘Pay now’ to finish up your buy.

4. After roughly 30 minutes, you will receive your purchased amount of cryptocurrency.

Manage Community on Pantograph App

A community always plays an important role in any project. With Pantograph App, managing a Community would be a piece of cake. Let’s walk through.

  • How to create a Private Community?

Let’s start with the FREE version of Panto Community. It will take you less than 3 minutes and zero fees to create a Private Community on Pantograph App.

– Access the Community from your Home screen, select ‘Create Community’ to start.

Fill in the name of your community, description, and don’t forget a Profile Image. Tap on ‘Next’ when everything is ready.

Now it’s time to create your very first channel. You can choose whether it is an information page or a chat page. Put on a name, then select ‘Next’.

Confirm the creation of your Community to finish up. Now your Community is ready and you can share it via Link or QR Code.

  • How to create a Public Community?

A Public Community is always the best idea to build relationships with your supporters. Obviously, Public Community is visible to everyone and can be looked up easily via searching. Let’s find out how to create a Public Community, or turn a Private Community into a public.

– To create a Public Community from the beginning, remember to choose Public instead of Private at this step.

To turn your Community into a Public Community, tap on the Community Settings icon (the 3-dot icon). Choose ‘Edit Community’, then select ‘Public’ and ‘Next’.

* Certainly, you will need 10 Panto Points to create a Public Community or turn your community to ‘Public’.

Manage wallet address with Pantograph App

A wallet address is a hashed version of your Public Key. Hence, you can always share the address with anyone without worrying that your account may be in danger. It’s completely different from a Private Key.

  • Where is my wallet address?

You can find your address in Pantograph as the following steps:

Go to Pantograph, then tap on ‘Scan’. You will find a QR code contains your address and your address in the text below the QR.

  • How to scan an address?

Here is how you can scan an address:

Open Pantograph Mobile (iOS, Android). Tap the ‘Scan’ button, then scan the QR code of your friend.

How to stake TOMO using Pantograph App?

In order to stake TOMO using Pantograph app, you can start the process as below:

1. Open Pantograph app on your device

2. On the Home screen, select TOMO card, then click the ‘Staking’ button. You will be led to Tomo Master.

3. Choose a Master Node you want to join, then select ‘Vote’. Deposit an amount of TOMO that you want to stake, an amount of daily earning will appear on the screen also.

4. Confirm, then it’s done.

Learn how to stake TOMO using Pantograph extension, click here.

How to stake TOMO using Pantograph Extension?

In order to stake TOMO using Pantograph extension, you can start the process as below:

  1. Open Pantograph extension

  2. Click the ‘Staking’ button

  3. You will be led to Tomo Master

  4. Choose a Master Node to vote (Join)

  5. Deposit an amount of TOMO that you want to stake, an amount of daily earning will appear on the popup.

  6. Confirm the status, then it’s done

Learn how to stake TOMO using Pantograph App, click here.

Backup account with Pantograph App

You can backup your account in 2 ways:

  • Using your Private Key: You only need to copy your Private Key and save it in secured places.

Go to Pantograph, select the ‘Menu’ button then select ‘Address Key’. Copy then save Private Key.

  • Backup as a file: Please find the steps below:

Go to Pantograph, select the ‘Menu’ button then select ‘Account backup’

Set a password for your file, then select ‘Back up’

After a successful backup process, you can use the backup file to restore your account.

Restore account with Pantograph App

You can restore an account in Pantograph from either Private Key or Backup File. You can learn more about Backup Account here.

  • Restore Account using Private Key

Go to the Pantograph App. Click on ‘Restore account from private key’. Insert the Private Key of your account, select ‘Restore’ and it’s done

  • Restore Account using Backup File

Go to the Pantograph App. Click on ‘Restore account from backup file’. Load the backup file from your device, input the password then select ‘Restore’ to finish

How to join Community on Pantograph App?

On Pantograph App, you can join any public community as the following steps:

1. Open Pantograph, then select the tab ‘Community’.

  1. Choose any community that you want to join, or you can search for one. Tap on the community, then select ‘Join’.

Now you are part of a Public Community! Have fun chatting and receiving airdrops!

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