Create wallet on Pantograph DEX

To fully experience Pantograph DEX, you will need to unlock a TomoChain wallet.

In case you do not have a TomoChain wallet, you can create a new one in some simple steps as follow:

On the Unlock page, click on Create new wallet, then click I understand.

create wallet understand

A combination of 12 words called Seed Phrase will show up. Make sure to write it down or copy it for the next step.

At this step, you can also show the Private Key of your account by clicking Show my private key. Make sure to save this Private Key somewhere secret and safe.

Click I written it down to move to the next step.


Confirm the Phrase by tapping each word in the correct order. You can also get back to the previous step to check it again. Click Confirm when it’s done.

tap confirm

You are now in!

Now you have your Seed Phrase and Private Key, you can restore that account via Pantograph Extension (with Seed Phrase, with Private Key), or use them to unlock right in Pantograph DEX (not recommended).

From the Unlock page, click Others, then select either Private Key or Mnemonic Phrase.


Input Private Key or Seed Phrase, then click Unlock Wallet.

private key phrase

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