What is Panto Auction?

Panto Auction is a Dutch Auction.

In Dutch Auction, the price of assets will decrease by 5% per hour. It will come to zero in 20 hours since the opening of the auction.

Hence, in Panto Auction, after being listed on auction, your Pantogram’s price will start at where you set and will come to zero in 20 hours.

During Panto Auction:

  • If you purchase your Pantogram, you will receive a 70% discount.
  • If another user purchases your Pantogram, you will receive 70% of the sale price.


If no one buys your Pantogram from this auction, the Pantogram will be distributed for free on Panto Market. When it comes to this period, you cannot retrieve your Pantogram to your account nor buy it from Panto Market.

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