Getting Started

Introduction to the Menu of Pantograph App

Before using Pantograph App, there’s some basic information about the menu of Pantograph App you should know. Let’s find out.

How to access the menu?

Tap on the ‘Menu’ icon on the top right of Pantograph screen to access the Menu.

What’s on the menu?

Let us guide you through the menu of the Pantograph App.
  • Account settings
You can update your Profile Image and Info with this function. Once everything is done, just tap on ‘Save’.
  • Address book
You can save the addresses of your friends, and acquaintances with this function. It will be easy & convenient for you to send them something next time.
To add, tap on the ‘+’ button, paste the address, insert a name then tap ‘Register’. To search, select the search bar then insert the name.
  • Notification list
You can review previous notifications of your Pantograph with this function.
  • Manage receive links
You can manage your created receive links or your activated receive links that other users sent to you.
  • PIN Code
You can create a PIN Code to secure your Pantograph account with this function. After the creation process, you can also change the PIN Code or remove it completely.
Once a PIN Code is created, you will always be asked to insert the PIN Code before sending your assets or viewing the Private Key.
  • Address key
You can find your Private Key in this section. Your Private Key is very important to restore your account or to avoid other people to access your account.
Please keep in mind that no one else has this, even our Pantograph team. You’re the only one who can see and find your Private Key. This basically means if somebody else knows your Private Key. They can access your account and take everything in it.
  • Account backup
You can back up your account to a JSON file with this feature. With this JSON file, you can restore your account on any device later.
(*) Please save your JSON file in a secured place.
  • Restore account
You can restore your account using a JSON file with this feature.
  • Language
Obviously, you can change the language of your Pantograph with this function.
  • Regional currency
This feature enables you to change the currency unit of Pantograph. The app currently supports over 30 different local currencies.
  • Help
This feature enables you to send an inquiry to Pantograph team. You can also visit our Support Page or send a ticket here.
  • Change Mode
Yes, you can switch between Light Mode and Dark Mode of Pantograph with this feature. Make sure that you give it a try.