What goes next when I scanned my NFT card?

You will see a screen that shows all of the information regarding your NFTs, including name of NFT, blockchain, contract address, token ID, owner's address, plus some sort of NFTs description, following with a list of activities.

Will I be able to see if another user owned how many NFTs in their NFTCARD?

Yes. Click onto "MYNFTCARDs", you can search by NFTCARD ID or address to see if other users owned what kind of NFTs, and whether these NFTs were registered or not.

This helps verify the trading process in case you would like to merchandise your NFT cards.

How to mint and register to use an NFT after scanning the card?

Since your NFTs have not been activated yet, this minting process is just like an easy unpack step, following with a registration to completely own the NFTs.

How to mint an NFT

  1. Click "Create NFT"

  2. Go over Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, then check "Agree".

  3. Hit "Confirm".

When done creating an NFT, you can move onto the registration.

How to register to use an NFT

  1. Click "Register to use".

  2. Agree to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

  3. Hit "Confirm" to register your address as the owner.

What if I use another app to wallet connect?

KeyCard Operation of KEYRING PRO is an amazing feature which not only securely displays private key of the account, stores information in a NFC KeyCard to another one, erases all date if you would like to, but also allows to read NFC Tag with a built-in reader.

Hit "More details" to learn more about this feature.

How many NFTs are stored in 1 Card?

There is only 01 NFT in 01 purchased NFT card, supporting 01 chain.

To be specific, after you buy one physical NFT card, you can check the status of the card using NFTCARD search function. Then you can go ahead and start creating NFT to officially own the NFT.

In case you buy the physical NFT card from another user. It means you happened to be the renter as the NFT is already created. Then you just need to "Register to use".

Will I be able to send NFTs stored in the NFT Cards?

No. NFTCARD is not a trading site. You can only send NFTs when you sell physical NFT cards to other users, they can lately scan the card and register NFTs to use/sell/send.

Why mint an NFT?

The key reason is derived from NFT rental model, which applies ERC-4907 as a standard.

ERC-4907 works as a separator of the two "owner" and "renter" roles, simply managing the things that the lessor and lessee can/can't do with NFT.

What solution does ERC-4907 bring?

  • Clear transfer right

  • Simplify rental tasks

  • Integrate with third parties easily

How long does it take to mint a NFT? What about the fee?

It only takes less than 20 seconds to mint a brand new NFT.

The process of minting a NFT requires NO gas fee.

Will there be an extra fee charge if I register an NFT that bought from another user?

Yes. If you buy a physical NFT Card from another user and register to use the created NFT, an additional fee charge may be required.

Please make sure that you have enough tokens to pay for the gas fee.

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