💳 About NFC Keycard

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How to create an account by NFC Keycard?

In order to create an account, you need to head to the "Menu" display first and then choose "Create back-up file".

Next, you will be asked to choose the chain you wish to create an account with. When finish choosing, click on "Create" and then go for "Using NFC Keycard"

Tap your NFC keycard on your device and there will be two circumstances.

Case 1: There is no data in your NCF keycard. You need to follow the steps below.

Hit on "Next"
Choose the folder you want to save the file

Case 2: Data is already stored in your NFC keycard

Note: If you create a new account with this card, the data stored will be removed.

How to import an account from NFC Keycard?

In order to import an account, you need to head to the "Menu" display first and then choose "Import account"

Next, choose the option "From NFC Keycard"

When your data stored in your NFC Keycar is not compatible, you will see the error "The card is not in the correct format". When your card is empty, you will receive the error "This NFC Keycard is empty"

When the data stored in the card is compatible, you will see this:

Then, you will be asked to follow the steps below:

NFC Keycard Operation

Let's study what you can do in "NFC keycard operation" section. First, you need to go to your "Menu" and click on "NFC keycard operation".

You will see 4 options: Show private key, Change password, Copy NFC Keycard and Reset NFC Keycard.

Then, tap your card on your device to access the date stored on the card.

There will be an error if your card is empty or incompatible.

If you card is compatible, you will be asked to fill in your password.

Show Private Key in NFC Keycard

With this option, you can cheeck your Private Key in your NFC Keycard.

Change password in NFC Keycard

When you "Confirm" the alternation, you will be asked to erase data in your card.

Copy data from one NFC Keycard to another NFC Keycard.

You will start with this.

"Confirm" and tap your another card on your device.


Export accounts having Private Keys to NFC Keycard

First, you need to choose the account you wish to export.

Choose "Export to NFC Keycard" and tap your NFC Keycard on your device

If your account has data, you will receive this message. If you continue the process, the stored data will be removed.

If your card is empty, you're ready to export.

Then, follow the steps below:

Connect wallet with an account linked to NFC Keycard.

Start with "Scan" function.

Chose account having the "NFc" icon and hit "Connect"

"Confirm" and tap your card on your device

If this card does not belong to this account, you will receive this.

If your card is correct, you will see this