How to utilize the Airdrop function of KEYRING PiGET?

1. What is KEYRING PiGET Airdrop?

KEYRING PiGET Airdrop is an engaging and convenient feature designed for KEYRING PiGET users.

It targets sellers or businesses interested in hosting an airdrop event to attract buyers or show appreciation to loyal customers.

KEYRING PiGET Airdrop simplifies the airdrop process by allowing users to easily receive airdrops with just a tap of their KEYRING PiGET card.

2. What kinds of token can be use in the KEYRING PiGET Airdrop?

Currently, you can conduct airdrops using tokens from the following three types:

  • ERC-20 tokens: These are among the most popular standard tokens used for trading on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • ERC-1155 tokens: This token standard is commonly associated with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Apart from typical cryptocurrencies, NFTs can also serve as items for airdrops.

  • ERC-721 tokens: Similar to ERC-1155, ERC-721 is also one of the most widely recognized token standards for NFTs.

3. Can I choose what gets dropped?

Yes, absolutely!

Currently, we offer two options for this:

  • Unlimited Airdrop: This setting allows anyone to scan their KEYRING PiGET card and receive an airdrop. There are no limits on the number of times a card can be scanned to receive an airdrop.

  • Limited Airdrop: With this setting, you can restrict a specific group to receive the airdrop. Each card is allowed only one scan and airdrop.

These are the two preset options we provide. However, you have complete control to adjust these settings as you prefer.

You can decide who can receive the airdrop, how many times, the number of tokens per instance, and the type of tokens they will receive. We'll make changes based on your specific requirements.

4. How do I access the KEYRING PiGET Airdrop page?

We customize the airdrop settings based on your requests, and then provide a unique URL link tailored to your settings.

Therefore, to open an airdrop page, you'll need to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Please contact us via Email: Support@bacoor.co

5. How to use KEYRING PiGET Airdrop?

To use KEYRING PiGET Airdrop, kindly follow these steps:

  1. Go to the KEYRING PiGET Airdrop page.

  2. Tap the "Start to scan" button.

  3. Scan the card.

  4. Wait for the airdrop to complete.

The airdrop process is the same for all three token standards: ERC-20, ERC-1155, and ERC-721.

6. Why is it upside-down?

The KEYRING PiGET Airdrop page is designed upside-down so that when you pass your phone to someone, they will see the information displayed correctly from their viewpoint.

This setup aims to expedite the airdrop process by allowing quick visibility for the person receiving the phone.

7. What devices can use the KEYRING PiGET Airdrop?

Currently, this feature is available only on Android devices that support NFC (Near Field Communication).

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