๐ŸŒˆKeyring Exchange

Multichain Bridge & Exchange

Featuring an industry-leading DEX aggregator with an arbitrary message and value, Keyring Exchange offers services and innovative solutions for DeFi and helps cross-chain transactions perform with integrity and accountability.

In fact, bridges are necessary because blockchains are like silos unable to communicate with each other. For example, users cannot use BTC on Ethereum or ETH on BTC.

Another problem is that users couldn't move assets seamlessly from older platforms to new blockchain networks.

More than just a bridge, Keyring Exchange enables users and protocols to transport value and messages across different chains, allowing users to access other protocols easily.

Keyring Exchange solves problems in the DeFi space through a rapidly-emerging decentralized landscape and the impactful power of DeBridge Finance's smart contracts. Keyring team has proudly acquired one of the top infrastructure platforms' mechanisms to provide users with an opportunity for cross-chain swaps and impressive interoperability.

How does a cross-chain bridge work?

Most cross-chain bridges use a lock-and-mint model for moving value between networks.

Keyring Exchange's mechanics aims to

  • ensure that each of the assets is locked in an original 'native chain' and has the associated wrapped assets on the target chains

  • ensure the total supply of each asset that can be minted in the secondary chain will always be backed by collateral locked in the DeBridge smart contract.

How we started

Keyring Exchange is a great starting point for the crypto community to empower cross-chain interactions.

Keyring Exchange protocol is controlled by KEYRING PRO - a well-renowned non-custodial wallet and its infrastructure.

Keyring Pro was first released in January 2021 with the mission of solving vital problems of transferring and bridging assets between various blockchains (including without limitation Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Arbitrum).

With the full support of +8,000 dApps, access to +4,500 RPCs, one of the fastest adaptations to Wallet Connect v2.0, Keyring Pro is thrilled to provide superior quality services that users recommend to friends, employees are proud of, and investors seek for long-term returns.

How to Use Keyring Exchange?

  1. Go to https://exchange.keyring.app/. Or from the homepage of https://keyring.app/ and the mobile app, select 'Bridge'

  2. Connect wallet using MetaMask or WallerConnect v2.0

  3. Select the original chain and token

  4. Select the secondary chain and token you would like to bridge to

  5. Enter the amount

  6. Hit 'Confirm', then 'Confirm Transfer'

  7. Once the bridge is executed, you can check the transaction on the network's scan



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