With KEYRING PRO, you can manage all of your accounts easily.

How to create/restore accounts on the Keyring Pro application?

Create new account

To start using the Keyring Pro app, you can click on 'Create new account '

There are several chains you can choose from. Leave a tick on the chain you wish to create and then click 'Create'

In terms of Bitcoin account, there are two kinds of addresses which are Legacy and Segwit. Legacy(P2PKH) is an address starting with "5", "L" or "K". Segwit includes P2SH which begins with "3" and Bech32 which begins with "bc1". Especially, a new account must be Bech32

Note: you can have accounts in many chains with the same address.

Restore account using backup file

How to get the backup file from an existing account?

When the backup file has not been created yet, the icon on the top to the right is red.

Then, you will be asked to save your backup file. This file includes your private keys from your chains, account name, hidden/shown up accounts, hidden/shown up assets.

Backup file belonging to Pantograph and Tomo can be still restored.

You successfully create backup file for your account.

Restore the account using an existing backup file

From the "Menu" section, choose "Restore using backup file"

Choose backup file from your device and also type your password attached to the account.

You successfully restore your account.

Check balance

Tap on any account card to access the explorer associated with that blockchain. At this explorer, you can check the balance as well as the details of every transaction of your account.

Tap on "Account overview"

You will be linked to the chain's website which displays your account's information.

Show "Private Key"

If you wish to know your private key attached to our accounts, please go to the "Menu" section.

You can tap here to copy your private key.

Edit the name of your account

To edit an account, tap on the account you wish to edit the name on the main screen, and choose the Edit label icon.

Arrange accounts

You can change the order of your accounts by tapping on the Arrange icon. Hold and Drag to change the order. You can hide your accounts by clicking on the "tick" icon.

Drag to change the order of your accounts.

Tap on the accounts to show/hide them on the home screen.

Note: the accounts with the same color of the dot have the same blockchain address.

Delete accounts

To delete an account, tap on the account you wish to delete on the main screen and the Delete icon.

You can always restore your deleted accounts with your backup file as long as you have already backed them up.

Learn how to Backup accounts and Restore accounts.

How to create more accounts?

From the home screen, click on the "plus" icon next to "My Accounts"

Then choose "Create Account"

This will lead you to two options. For the new account, you will be asked to save your Private Key on your device or your NFT Keycard.

Then, you will choose which blockchain you wish to create an account. Please note that you are able to choose many chains with the same blockchain address.

If you go for "To NFC KeyCard"

Tap your NFC KeyCard to your device.

If your card is not empty, you will receive this error.

If your card is empty, you will follow these steps.

Tap on "Next" and tap your card on your device again.

Create your password

Save your backup file

Choose the chain you want to create an account with. You can choose many chains with the same address.

You now successfully create more accounts to NFC KeyCard. Your account will display NFC icon like this.

How to import more accounts?

Go for "Import Account"

If you choose "From Private Key"

Key in your Private Key and choose the chains.

You successfully import accounts.

If you go for "From NFC Keycard"

Tap your card to your device.

Choose the backup file attached to the card.

Enter the password for the NFC Keycard.

When one address is attached to more than one chain, you can choose which chain you wish to import to the Keyring Pro application.

Your account is successfully imported. It shows an NFC icon on your account on the home screen.

If you type the wrong password, you will see this error.

If your NFC Keycard is empty or does not have the correct format, you will receive this error.

Bitcoin address looks different on KEYRING PRO

I restore a BTC account with KEYRING PRO, but the generated address seems to be different. Is there any problem?

First of all, there is something you should know about Bitcoin’s Address and Private Key.

Bitcoin’s Address

  • P2PKH, which stands for Pay-to-Pubkey Hash, is the basic form of making a transaction on Bitcoin Blockchain. The sample address is 1BvBMCEYstWgtqTFn9Au4m4GFg7xVbOVN2, which starts with “1….“.

  • P2SH is structured similarly to P2PKH but enables more functionality than legacy addresses. The sample address of P2SH would be 3J98t1WpGZ73CMmDviecrnyiWrnqRhXNPy, which starts with “3….“.

  • Bech32, also be known as ‘bc1 addresses’, is the Native Segwit address format, which is completely different from the P2-style addresses. The sample address is bc1qbr0srrr9xfxvy4l643lydnw9re59gtzzwf5oct, which starts with “bc1….“.

Bitcoin’s Private Key

  • With Legacy Bitcoin address, the Private Key will be in the form that starts with “5….”.

  • While the Private Key of SegWit Bitcoin address (including both P2SH and Bech32) will start with “K….” or “L….”.

Experience the latest BTC Address Format with KEYRING PRO

Since Bech32 is more efficient in blockweight usage and comes with lower fees, KEYRING PRO proudly brings you the best experience with the latest BTC Address Format.

  • Every time you create a new Bitcoin Address on KEYRING PRO, a Bech32 address, which starts with “bc1….“, will be generated. It means when you backup this Bitcoin Address, the Private Key will start with “K….” or “L….”

  • Whenever you import an account using a Private Key that starts with “K….” or “L….”, you will always get a Bech32 address even when that Private Key comes with a P2SH Bitcoin Address.

Example: You back up the BTC address 3J98t1WpGZ73CMmDviecrnyiWrnqRhXNPy with KEYRING PRO. From your Private Key (which starts with either “K….” or “L….”, the app will restore your account with the address bc1hbr0srrr4xfxva4l653lydnw9re59gtzzwf5oct instead of the old one. Those 02 addresses might look different, but they literally are the same BTC wallet.

Backup account with KEYRING PRO

KEYRING PRO brings an ideal way to backup your multiple accounts with just 01 Backup file. Let’s find out how to backup with KEYRING PRO.

KEYRING PRO will give a signal if you have not backed up your account. There will be a red color backup icon on the top-right corner of your home screen, and ‘Create backup file‘ in the Menu will also be red-lined.

Tap on one of those to start backing up your account

You will be required to set a password for your backup file. Tap ‘Create‘ when everything is done.

Now every account imported to Keyring has been backed up under one backup file. Make sure to keep this backup file in a secured place.

Learn how to restore your account using a backup file with KEYRING PRO here.

How to add tokens to the 'My asset' list on the Keyring Pro application?

Users are allowed to add additional tokens from different chains to the 'My assets'. First, click on 'Value', then hit on 'Add Token'.

You will choose the chains you want to add and put in the contract address.

If your coin is available on Coingecko, it will be listed on the 'My Asset' list along with the value.

If your coin is unavailable on Coingecko, the value shown will be zero.

How to buy coins through Simplex on the Keyring Pro application?

You are able to buy coins on the Keyring Pro app now. Click on the account along with the chain you want to buy. Then hit on 'Buy'.

Type the amount you wish to purchase. Please note that you cannot change the Receiving address at this stage.

'Select a coin' you wish to purchase if the chosen blockchain has many coins. Please note that you cannot change the Receiving address at this stage.

Then complete your payment. Web3 of Simplex will be opened which is linked with HB Wallet.

You have two payment methods. You can either pay by credit/debit card or global bank transfer.

How to use one address to create other accounts on other chains?

You can use the Private Key of one chain to create an account in other chains. Hit on 'Use this address with other chains'

Then choose the chains you want to create accounts.

How to send tokens on the KEYRING PRO application?

From the home screen, tap on your balance.

Your "My Assets Details" will appear, then choose the account you wish to send tokens from.

Tap on your address and it directs you to the sending tokens page.

Put in the receiver account and also gas fee

Press on "Send" when you finish filling out your information.

How to add RPC (more chains) to the Keyring Pro app?

First, you need to access the menu from the home screen.

Then, choose "Manage Chains"

There are many chains that have already been added to the app. You can add more chains in the list below.

Click on the chain you wish to add. Then, press on "Add"

Your chain has been successfully added.

If the chain that you wish to add is not included in the list, you can manually add it by clicking on the plus icon.

Type in the information.

You have successfully added

If you wish to delete chains, please click on the chain and choose "delete"

How to access Keyring Swap from the Keyring Pro application?

From your home screen, tap on wallet balance

Choose the asset you wish to swap by tapping on it.

Then choose "BestRate"

The app will bring you to swap.keyring.app

Then, you will be asked to "Connect Wallet" in order to do the swapping process.

Tap on "Connect Wallet"

You will have two options: WalletConnect and Keyring Pro.

If you choose Keyring Pro

Open your Keyring Pro app from here.

Choose your accounts and tap on "Connect"

Now your account is connected. Please go back to swap.keyring.app

If you choose the "WalletConnect" option

Tap on "WalletConnect"

You will be asked to choose the wallet that is integrated with WalletConnect. Please select the wallet in the list that you are using.

Or you can scan the QR code from the wallet to approve authentication.

How to disconnect your account on Keyring Swap from the Keyring Pro app?

Open the Keyring Pro app and tap on the Keyring Pro icon from the home screen.

Tap on the "x" button.

The icon is removed. You successfully disconnect your account.

WalletConnect on the Keyring Pro application

Establish WalletConect To Your Dapps

KEYRING PRO lets users connect to various Web3 Dapps instantly on the same device, or even on a different device through the popular Wallet Connect mechanism.

KEYRING PRO gathers all transaction authentication requests into one place without any further requirements for extra installation or setup.

How to do it

First, on your Dapp, click ‘Connect Wallet’

Then, choose ‘Wallet Connect’ to open a QR

Next, open KEYRING PRO, tap the ‘Scan’ icon

Scan the QR code

Tap "Connect" and then your Dapp has been successfully connected.

Establish WalletConect on your mobile browser via the Keyring Pro

First, tap "Connect Wallet" on your Dapp on mobile browser.

Select "KEYRING PRO" from the list

You will be asked to open the Keyring Pro app

Select the chain and account you wish to connect

Now you can return to your browser.

How to send crypto to Unstoppable Domains on the Keyring Pro app?

Aside from sending crypto to regular Blockchain addresses, users can also send assets to the new readable ones. These exist in the form of NFTs, specifically recognized as Unstoppable Domains.

KEYRING PRO now enables users to send crypto assets to Unstoppable Domains instead of using regular Blockchain Addresses right on the send screen.

From your home screen, tap on your wallet balance

Choose an asset to send

Put in the receiver's crypto domain

Please make sure to set the gas fee.

How to log out of your Keyring Pro app?

In your "Menu" section, tap on "Reset Wallet"

Please make sure that you read carefully the information before logging out.


What is Keyring Swap?

KEYRING SWAP operates as a Decentralized Exchange Aggregator, which sorts out the best exchange rate among different DEXs. The app is designed to maximize user’s profit in every transaction.

You can access Keyring Swap via this link: https://swap.keyring.app/

Keyring Swap now supports these chains: Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Artitrum, and Optimism.

You can start using Keyring Swap by accessing https://swap.keyring.app/ from any device, on any browsers from Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

How to connect wallet on Keyring Swap from mobile browser?

From any browser, any device, please access https://swap.keyring.app/

Tap on "Connect Wallet"

There are two options for connecting wallets.: Keyring Pro and Walletconnect.

In case you choose "Keyring Pro" option.

Tap on "Open" and you will be directed to the Keyring Pro app.

Choose the account you wish to connect.

You successfully connect your wallet. Please go back to your browser.

In case you go for the "Walletconnect" option.

You will be asked to choose the wallet compatible with WalletConnect.

Or you can scan QR code from these listed wallets.

How to connect wallet on Keyring Swap from PC browser?

From any browser, any device, please access https://swap.keyring.app/

Click on "Connect Wallet"

You will have many options for wallets: MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, KEYRING PRO.

If you go for the KEYRING PRO.

You will receive a QR code, then open your KEYRING PRO app and scan the code.

You will the scan function here. Then, scan the QR code.

Choose the account you wish to connect.

You successfully connect your wallet.

These steps are the same with other wallets compatible with WalletConnect.

If you choose Coinbase Wallet.

Please also open your Coinbase Wallet and scan the QR code.

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