How to use KEYRING PiGET?

1. What is KEYRING PiGET?

KEYRING PiGET functions as a digital business card, seamlessly integrating an embedded cryptocurrency wallet, facilitating information sharing, and enabling easy cryptocurrency transactions.

2. What can you do with KEYRING PiGET?

KEYRING PiGET allows for effortless sharing of your detailed information by simply tapping on other people's mobile phones, fostering quicker and more meaningful connections while saving time for deeper conversations.

Moreover, this card serves as a secure hardware wallet, providing access to held cryptocurrency assets and simplifying transactions.

3. What devices can use KEYRING PiGET?

The KEYRING PiGET card is available on Android and iOS devices that support NFC technology.

4. What information will it show?

KEYRING PiGET will show the following categories:

  • Banner: You can set your profile banner.

  • Image: Your profile image.

  • Name: Your profile name.

  • Title of this account: Your job title

  • Your URL: The link to your personal information. It could be your website, email address, social media account, etc. It’s your choice.

  • Mail: Your Email address.

  • 0x Address: This is the crypto wallet address of your KEYRING PiGET account.

  • SNS: Your social media account.

  • History: Your introduction to yourself

  • Chat: The chat apps that you may use.

It's important to note that all the information displayed on the interface is optional.

You have the flexibility to select which details you wish to display or withhold by simply choosing to fill in the information or leaving it blank as per your preference.

5. How can I start editing my profile?

To begin editing your profile, follow these steps based on your device's operating system:

For iOS Device

The first time you scan the KEYRING PiGET card, you will be prompted to make a choice regarding profile editing. Here are the available options:

  1. No Thanks: This choice implies that you won't be allowed to edit your profile on an iOS device, and this pop-up will never reappear. However, choosing this option means you'll never be able to edit your profile on any iOS device again.

  2. Later: Opting for "Later" will dismiss the popup, allowing you to view the card's profile. However, the next time you scan the card or refresh the page, you will be asked for permission to edit the profile once again.

  3. Editing: Choosing "Editing" grants the current iOS device the ability to edit the profile information on the card.

Please be aware that once an iOS device is given editing privileges, no other iOS device can be used to edit the information on the KEYRING PiGET profile associated with that card.

For Android Device

Unlike the iOS system, when you first scan the card on an Android device, you will not be asked to grant permission to edit the profile. You can view your profile right on.

To edit your profile on an Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the setting on the top right of your screen.

  2. Select the “Please sign in to start editing” option.

  3. Scan the card.

  4. You can now edit your profile.

6. What happens if I choose “No Thanks” on my iPhone?

Choosing the "No Thanks" option when initially scanning your KEYRING PiGET card on your iOS device results in a permanent record of your decision.

It's essential to keep in mind that this choice will also be applied to all iOS devices.

As a result, you won't receive future permission prompts, essentially locking your KEYRING PiGET profile as unchangeable on any iOS device.

7. If I choose “No Thanks”. How can I edit my KEYRING PiGET profile?

If you select “No Thanks” on an iOS device, you will lose the ability to edit your KEYRING PiGET card on any iOS device forever.

The only option to edit your profile then is to use an Android device.

This is because Android does not have device-specific restrictions like iOS. So, you can use any Android device to change your profile.

8. How to edit each category on your profile?

This will add a background image to your profile.

Your information



Your email address for contacting you.


Your social media accounts.


A brief description about yourself.


Which chat applications do you use?

9. How can I exit the editing mode?

Simply scroll back to the top of the screen and either click on the "Sign out" icon or select the "Sign out" option in the settings menu.

This process is the same for both Android and iOS devices.

10. Can I change the wallet address on the card?

No, it's not possible to change it.

Since the KEYRING PiGET card serves as both a digital business card and a hardware wallet, the wallet address is permanently tied to the physical card and cannot be modified.

11. What can I do with my KEYRING PiGET?

The wallet operates similarly to a hardware wallet, allowing you to receive, send, and exchange tokens.

Additionally, you can send NFTs or list them on the Market.


Receive Token

To obtain your wallet address, simply tap the displayed QR code on the screen.

Furthermore, you can choose to enable the sender to scan the QR code directly or utilize the "Copy Address" feature to provide them with the address.

Send Token

To send tokens:

  • Choose the token.

  • Enter the recipient's address.

  • Specify the amount.

  • Adjust the transaction’s speed (note: faster speed means higher fees).

  • Click "Send."

  • Scan the card to confirm the transaction.

Exchange Token

KEYRING PiGET allows you to bridge or swap your tokens seamlessly.

  • Select the token.

  • Switch to the exchange tab.

  • Choose the Chain and the Token you want to swap/ bridge to.

  • Input the amount.

  • Hit “Confirm Transfer”.

  • Edit your Slippage Tolerance if you want to.

  • Hit “Confirm Transfer”.

  • Scan the card.

  • Wait for the transaction to complete.


Send NFT

To send an NFT:

  • Select the NFT.

  • Enter the receiver's address.

  • Adjust the transaction’s speed.

  • Hit “Send”

  • Scan the card for confirmation.

  • Wait for the transaction to complete.

Listing on the market

You can list your NFTs on the Opensea market by following these steps:

  • Select the NFT.

  • Tap on the Opensea icon in the bottom left corner.

  • Set the price and hit “Next”.

  • Scan the card.

  • Wait for the listing to complete.

Delisting your NFTs

Once you've listed an NFT on OpenSea, you have the flexibility to delist it at any time if it hasn't been purchased.

  • Select the NFT you want to delist.

  • Click on the Opensea icon.

  • Select cancel listing.

  • Confirm your action.

  • Scan the card.

  • Wait for the cancelation to complete.

12. Why can’t my iPhone scan the card?

For iPhones, we recommend using the latest available series, with the iPhone 12 series being the minimum for an enhanced user experience.

13. Why can’t I make transactions on my iPhone?

No, you are unable to perform transactions on an iOS device because we do not support this functionality on iOS.

14. If other people can view my crypto wallet, can they also trade my assets?

To initiate transactions with your KEYRING PiGET account, card verification is a mandatory step.

As long as unauthorized individuals do not have access to your card, they are unable to perform any transactions, ensuring the security of your account.

15. Can I back up my KEYRING PiGET account?

Unfortunately, you cannot back up your KEYRING PiGET account to other apps or hard wallets.

Therefore, it is most important to keep your KEYRING PiGET card safe.

16. My card already has a wallet address, is it safe to use?

Indeed, using the wallet on the card is safe. Our activation process does not involve storing any information about your wallet's private key.

Consequently, the exclusive means of accessing your wallet is through the use of your card, ensuring the security of your cryptocurrency holdings.

17. If I lose my KEYRING PiGET card, what happens?

Protecting your KEYRING PiGET Card is crucial because losing it increases the chance of unauthorized individuals accessing your sensitive information, including your cryptocurrency wallet.

Once someone else has your card, you can't get it back or stop its use. This stresses the importance of keeping your KEYRING PiGET card safe at all times.

18.Can I create a card specifically for my company or my group?

Indeed! Ensuring your complete satisfaction is our primary goal.

We're here to help you design a customized card that perfectly suits the needs of your company or group. Please reach out to us at your convenience.

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