How to play Gacha on Nagemon?

Users can access the Nagemon Gacha via HB Wallet or at

First up, let’s sign up for an account.

1. Open HB Wallet app. On the main screen, swipe up for quick access. Then select the ‘Nagemon Gacha‘ card.

Swipe up and select the 'Nagemon Gacha' card

2. You will be presented to the Nagemon home page. Tap on the menu icon on the upper right, then ‘Sign in’.

Sign in to Nagemon

3. Tap on ‘Start Nagemon’ to proceed.

Tap on ‘Start Nagemon’

4. ‘Sign’ message to approve the interaction between your wallet and Nagemon.

‘Sign’ message

5. Enter your email address to receive a Gacha ticket for free! Check your mailbox to Confirm. Tap ‘OK’ to finish up.

Enter your email addressWelcome to Nagemon!


Now you have an account. It’s time to Gacha!

1. To start playing, tap on the Menu icon on the upper right and choose ‘Gacha‘.

Choose 'Gacha' in the menu
2. Select a Gacha machine you want to try your luck, then tap on ‘Play‘.
Tap on 'Play'!
3. To launch the machine, you will need a certain amount of Monster Fossil. First time player will receive 01 Monster Fossil for free. You can select ‘Play x1‘ to play one turn only, or ‘Play x10‘ to play 10 turns at once.
Let's gacha!
4. If you win, you will need to transfer the Gacha NFT Prize to the main network in order to start using it. Tap on ‘Transfer to Main Ethereum Network‘ to proceed.

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