What is Monster Fossil?

I was awarded something called Monster Fossil. What is that? And what can I do with Monster Fossil?

Monster Fossil is a game ticket published by Nagemon. By using Monster Fossils, you can activate Gacha machines and get a new item in return.

Learn more about how to play Nagemon Gacha here.

You will be rewarded 01 Monster Fossils at the 1st time Registration to Nagemon. However, there are 03 ways to earn more Monster Fossils:

1. Join the Nagemon Community in HB Wallet, send one message per day, and receive 0.02 Monster Fossils

Nagemon Community in HB Wallet

2. Buy more Monster Fossil from Nagemon.

You can buy Monster Fossils from Nagemon

3. Play Nagemon Gacha / Gacha Drop and win Monster Fossils.

There is always a chance to win Monster Fossils from Nagemon Gacha.

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