What is Panto Auction?

Panto Auction is a Dutch Auction. In Dutch Auction, the price of assets will decrease by 5% per hour. It will come to zero in 20 hours since the opening of the auction. Hence, in Panto Auction, after being listed on auction, your Pantogram’s price will start at where you set and will come to […]

How to display token on HB Wallet?

Instead of a default image card, you can display your ERC-20 token with your own designed one. To register your token a card image, follow the steps below: 1. Download HB Wallet desktop, launch the app. From the Home screen, click ‘Settings‘ 2. Click ‘Register Token Card‘ 3. Fill in all of the required fields. […]

Swap tokens with HB Wallet

Swap Token enables you to liquefy a token to Ethers, or StablesCoins securely and immediately. Why swap?   A swap session would require fewer Gas fees than most trading activities. Swap on HB Wallet is powered by the Kyber Network Team. How to swap? – On the Home screen, tap on any card. Select ‘Kyber […]

Swap tokens with PantoSwap

With PantoSwap, users can swap between many cryptocurrencies. Being powered by Changelly, PantoSwap supports 140+ cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, BCH, and many more. Check the full list of supported cryptocurrencies here. How to PantoSwap on desktop? – Access PantoSwap: https://change.pantograph.io/ – Input the amount of input token, select the output token to see […]

What is Monster Fossil?

I was awarded something called Monster Fossil. What is that? And what can I do with Monster Fossil? Monster Fossil is a game ticket published by Nagemon. By using Monster Fossils, you can activate Gacha machines and get a new item in return. Learn more about how to play Nagemon Gacha here. You will be […]