How to Switch Network on Pantograph Extension

You can switch between Mainnet and Testnet of TomoChain on Pantograph Extension by following these simple steps: Click on the top side of Pantograph Extension to access the drop-down menu. Select ‘Test TomoChain Network‘ to switch your account to the Testnet of TomoChain. Select ‘Main TomoChain Network‘ to switch back to the TomoChain Mainnet at […]

How to Reset Account on Pantograph Extension?

MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE YOU PASSWORD, SEED PHRASE, and PRIVATE KEYS (IMPORTED ACCOUNTS) before performing the Reset Account process. To reset account on Pantograph Extension: – Click the icon on the top-right corner of Pantograph Extension. Select ‘Settings‘. – Select ‘Advanced‘, then scroll down to find Reset Account. Click ‘Reset Account‘ –  Click ‘Reset‘ […]

Manage Account with KEYRING PRO

With KEYRING PRO, you can manage all of your accounts easily. Check balance Tap on any account card to access the explorer associated with that blockchain. At this explorer, you can check the balance as well as the details of every transaction of your account. Edit name Tap on the Setting icon, then select the […]

What is Panto Auction?

Panto Auction is a Dutch Auction. In Dutch Auction, the price of assets will decrease by 5% per hour. It will come to zero in 20 hours since the opening of the auction. Hence, in Panto Auction, after being listed on auction, your Pantogram’s price will start at where you set and will come to […]