How to display token on HB Wallet?

Instead of a default image card, you can display your ERC-20 token with your own designed one. To register your token a card image, follow the steps below: 1. Download HB Wallet desktop, launch the app. From the Home screen, click ‘Settings‘ 2. Click ‘Register Token Card‘ 3. Fill in all of the required fields. […]

How to display tokens on Pantograph?

The registered tokens will show up on the Home screen with the designed image cards (yellow box). While the unregistered tokens will show up with the default image cards (red box). To register tokens to Pantograph, you can follow these steps: – Access the Register Token: – Fill in the information of the tokens. […]

What are Tokens?

Blockchain tokens are created from Smart Contract, an advanced feature of Blockchain. This enables users to create assets that transferable. Technically, everything that exists on Blockchain is data.   For example: A creates a type of token Z that pledged to USD as a median of exchange. Token Z is actually recorded by a Smart […]

Add tokens with HB Wallet

Usually, you can check the balance right on your HB Wallet home screen. If you cannot find your tokens in HB Wallet, you can manually add tokens following the instructions below. 1. On the home screen, tap the 3-dot icon to enter the Menu 2. Tap on ‘Search Token’, then tap on the ‘+’ 3. […]

Send/Receive with HB Wallet

HB Wallet allows you to send and receive assets such as Ether and ERC-20 tokens in the most convenient way. Send assets To send assets with HB Wallet, in the Home Screen, swipe up to access the full list of ETH/ERC-20 Tokens. Tap on the card which you would like to send. 1. Select the […]