How to display tokens on Pantograph?

The registered tokens will show up on the Home screen with the designed image cards (yellow box). While the unregistered tokens will show up with the default image cards (red box). To register tokens to Pantograph, you can follow these steps: – Access the Register Token: – Fill in the information of the tokens. […]

How to purchase PantoGift?

PantoGift exists in the NFT (Non-fungible token) format on TomoChain. Specifically, it can be sent directly as a gift card to anyone. The receiver can just unpack to get the contained PantoPoint. To purchase PantoGift on Pantograph Mobile, follow these steps: Go to Pantograph iOS or Pantograph Android Click on ‘More’, choose ‘Market’ Choose ‘Charge Panto Point’ Select […]

Where is my PantoPoint?

I purchased PantoPoint from the store, but I cannot find my PantoPoint. Did I lose my money? When purchasing from our store, you actually bought PantoGift. You need to unpack PantoGift to receive PantoPoint. Follow these steps to unpack PantoGift: On Pantograph Mobile, go to the ‘Collections’ screen Choose your purchased gift Choose ‘Convert to […]