What is Panto Auction?

Panto Auction is a Dutch Auction. In Dutch Auction, the price of assets will decrease by 5% per hour. It will come to zero in 20 hours since the opening of the auction. Hence, in Panto Auction, after being listed on auction, your Pantogram’s price will start at where you set and will come to […]

Swap tokens with PantoSwap

With PantoSwap, users can swap between many cryptocurrencies. Being powered by Changelly, PantoSwap supports 140+ cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, BCH, and many more. Check the full list of supported cryptocurrencies here. How to PantoSwap on desktop? – Access PantoSwap: https://change.pantograph.io/ – Input the amount of input token, select the output token to see […]

How to display tokens on Pantograph?

The registered tokens will show up on the Home screen with the designed image cards (yellow box). While the unregistered tokens will show up with the default image cards (red box). To register tokens to Pantograph, you can follow these steps: – Access the Register Token: https://pantograph.app/register-token – Fill in the information of the tokens. […]

Create Receive Link with Pantograph

Receive Link is the feature that enables users to send Blockchain Assets without knowing the receiver’s address. Let’s find out how to create Receive Link with Pantograph. To create Receive Link for TRC-21 Tokens From the Home screen, choose a token On the Token screen, click on the ‘Send‘ button At the Send screen, choose […]

How to create Panto NFT?

You can create Panto NFT easily on Pantograph App or on the desktop with Pantograph extension. Create Panto NFT on Mobile Go to Pantograph Mobile iOS or Android Go to ‘More‘ Scroll down, choose ‘Create Panto NFT‘ Scroll down, tap on ‘Experience it‘ Choose an amount, fill in the form, add in images, attributes Click ‘Next‘ Pay 0.1 […]

How to Pantogram?

Pantogram allows you to preserve your Instagram post on blockchain eternally. Every time someone trades your Pantogram card, you will earn 50% of the profit. In fact, this term is applicable permanently as a copyright fee. Sounds interesting? Let’s Pantogram! 1. Access Pantogram Access Pantogram here, sign in by using Pantograph Extension, scroll down to the […]