My device is lost

I lost my device! Is my fund still safe? The good news is your assets are not actually stored in your device. Everything is on Blockchain. It means as long as you still have your private key, you can always get your assets back safe and sound. You can just get a new device, re-install […]

Sending to the wrong address

I made a mistake. I sent my assets to the wrong address. Is there anything I can do to get my fund back? If you accidentally send your asset to the wrong address. There is no way, or no one can reverse what happened. Blockchain is based on a decentralized structure, which means no one […]

What is NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. Basically, you can create NFT by using Smart Contract based on Blockchain. It means everything is store on a certain Blockchain. Any Blockchain that provides a Smart Contract feature will be able to generate an environment to create NFT. An NFT would normally contain an image with special attributes. The […]

What are Tokens?

Blockchain tokens are created from Smart Contract, an advanced feature of Blockchain. This enables users to create assets that transferable. Technically, everything that exists on Blockchain is data.   For example: A creates a type of token Z that pledged to USD as a median of exchange. Token Z is actually recorded by a Smart […]

What is Smart Contract?

Smart Contract is similar to a regular contract, but instead of being created of ink & paper, people make the Smart Contract with the Programming language. Smart Contract is created and stored on a certain Blockchain, in a block, with a timestamp. Smart Contract can execute automatically by itself, when a certain condition is reached. […]

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is basically a new method of storing data. The traditional way: We store everything on a centralized server. All data is gathered in one place to process. If the centralized server is manipulated, all data will be lost, or maybe modified. Hence, the integrity of data is at risk most of the time. With Blockchain:  […]