Swap tokens with HB Wallet

Swap Token enables you to liquefy a token to Ethers, or StablesCoins securely and immediately.

Why swap?


  • A swap session would require fewer Gas fees than most trading activities.
  • Swap on HB Wallet is powered by the Kyber Network Team.

How to swap?

– On the Home screen, tap on any card. Select ‘Kyber Network‘ to enter Swap.

home kyber

– With ETH card, the default Swap would be ETH <> DAI. In order to swap ETH to another coin, select ‘Swap to another coin‘ to access the list of supported coins.

swap other list

– Input the amount of ETH that you would like to swap. Adjust the gas fee if you have to, then tap on ‘Swap‘ to initiate the Swap.


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