I cannot put my Panto NFT on sale

I created Panto NFT successfully but I cannot put my NFT on sale. What happened?

To ensure the reputation of Panto Market and protect buyers, only registered NFTs can be traded.

Therefore, you need to register your NFT information to Pantograph before putting them on sale. Since the registration is accepted, you can issue an unlimited number of NFTs in that same category that you have registered. No extra fee will be charged.

How to register NFT information?

  1. Access Register NFT: https://pantograph.app/register-nft
  2. Input the information. Make sure to fill in all of the required fields.
  3. Input Creator Information. An email address will help us contact you while your Twitter account is needed for promoting your NFTs on our SNS.
  4. NFT Infomation registration will cost you 500 USD in PantoPoint. Please make sure that you have enough PantoPoint in your account when performing this submission.
  5. Click ‘Next‘ when everything is done.

submit.1 submit.2

Need PantoPoint to submit NFT Information? Read here.

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