Manage Account with KEYRING PRO

With KEYRING PRO, you can manage all of your accounts easily.

Check balance

Tap on any account card to access the explorer associated with that blockchain. At this explorer, you can check the balance as well as the details of every transaction of your account.

check balance bitcoin explorer

Edit name

Tap on the Setting icon, then select the Edit icon to edit its name. Tap ‘Update‘ when it’s done.

setting edit update name

Arrange accounts

You can change the order of your accounts by tapping on the Arrange icon. Hold and Drag to change the order. Tap ‘Ok‘ when it’s done.

setting arrange change order

Delete accounts

To delete an account, tap on the Delete icon. Confirm by tapping on ‘Delete‘.

setting icondelete icon confirm

You can always restore your deleted accounts with your backup file as long as you have already backed them up.

Learn how to Backup accounts and Restore accounts.

Show/Hide account

Instead of deleting an account, you can simply hide it from the home screen.

Tap the Setting icon, then tap to Hide/Show the account card. Tap Back icon to return to the home screen when it’s done.

settingsshow hide

return result


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