Incorrect Balance on Pantograph Extension

Looks like the Pantograph Extension is displaying my balance incorrectly. What should I do?

First of all, you might want to check your balance again at TomoScan: TomoScan is the blockchain explorer of TomoChain and will show the correct balance as well as the detail of every transaction.

If the Pantograph Extension is displaying the incorrect or inaccurate balance for TOMO or other TRC-21 tokens, try these steps one by one until your balance is displayed correctly:

1) Close down your browser where you have the Pantograph Extension installed then open it again.

2) Switch the network to Testnet, then switch back to Mainnet.

3) Execute the Account Reset process.

4) Install Pantograph Extension using another supported browser (Firefox, Chrome, Brave) from our official website (, then restore your account using the 12-word Seed Phrase.


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