Getting Started with KEYRING PRO

Welcome to KEYRING PRO!

Let’s get started.

First of all, choose your preferred language. For your information, KEYRING PRO supports more than 10 languages.

language start

At the home screen, you have 03 options to access KEYRING PRO:

  1. Create new account
  2. Restore account with the backup file
  3. Restore account with the private key

Create new account

Tap on ‘Create new account‘. Now you can select the blockchain that you would like to manage the account with KEYRING PRO. Tap ‘Create‘ when everything is done.

create account

Restore account with the backup file

Tap ‘Restore account using backup file‘. The app will navigate you to your documents where you can find your backup file. Select the backup file, input the password and tap ‘Restore‘.

backup file

Restore account with the private key

At the home screen, tap ‘Import private key‘. Input your Private Key and select the blockchain for your account. Tap ‘Import‘ to finish up.

private key


Now your account is ready. As you can see, you need only one Private Key to restore all of your wallets in different blockchains. It means you can restore your account using any of the Private Key.

accounts private key

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