Cannot send assets on Ethereum

I would like to send assets but there’s an error that appears on my screen. What should I do?

This error happens when:

  1. You do not have enough ETH for gas fee to perform the transaction; or
  2. A transaction is still pending, so you cannot perform a new one.

Here’s the solution

  • In scenario 1: 

The gas fee in the Ethereum network can accidentally surge, which results in the error. Obviously, you need to deposit more ETH to your account so that it can reach the standard gas fee, and the transaction can be executed.

On HB Wallet mobile, you cannot adjust the gas fee. However, on HB Wallet desktop, it can be done as follow:

  • In scenario 2:

The surge of gas fee in the Ethereum network can also result in pending status for your transaction. The best way to solve this issue is to cancel the pending transaction.

First of all, you should check the Nonce of the transaction via Etherscan.

After that, initiating a transaction that sends 0 ETH to your own account. Please be noticed that before submitting, you need some setups for this new transaction. You should set the gas fee higher than the pending one, and replace the Nonce with the old Nonce.

Confirm the new transaction.

The new transaction will be verified first by the miner, and it will replace the pending one.

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