Where is my PantoPoint?

I purchased PantoPoint from the store, but I cannot find my PantoPoint. Did I lose my money? When purchasing from our store, you actually bought PantoGift. You need to unpack PantoGift to receive PantoPoint. Follow these steps to unpack PantoGift: On Pantograph Mobile, go to the ‘Collections’ screen Choose your purchased gift Choose ‘Convert to […]

My device is lost

I lost my device! Is my fund still safe? The good news is your assets are not actually stored in your device. Everything is on Blockchain. It means as long as you still have your private key, you can always get your assets back safe and sound. You can just get a new device, re-install […]

Sending to the wrong address

If you accidentally send your asset to the wrong address. There is no way, or no one can reverse what happened. Blockchain is based on a decentralized structure, which means no one has the authority to alter recorded data. It’s totally different from a centralized structure where an entity has the full power to manipulate […]